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What this group is for [Oct. 29th, 2007|07:16 am]
Practice, Practice, Practice


This group is for artists of all levels to learn and teach drawing skills.

At first I'll post stuff from the renowned teacher Andrew Loomis and anyone who wants to can do the exorcises and post their results.

I hope that artists who are really good at drawing will also post tutorials here, but more than just tutorials I want them to be lessons where we can ask questions and share our problems with our drawings.

This is NOT a place to just post your most recent drawing or painting. Such posts will be erased. The only drawings you can post are those you want to get help with or your exorcises.

The skill of drawing is, in my opinion, the rock upon which great painting skills are built. Plus drawing is cheap enough, no paints or canvas just paper and pencils which are readily available.